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 Actor Singer Dancer


My name is Maya Owens (she/her)

I was born and raised in London for ten years before moving to Charlotte, North Carolina. I lost my accent after a while, but I have firsthand experience using the Oxford English dialect! My first passion was football (soccer) which girls weren’t encouraged to play in the UK. I didn’t let that stop me. I joined My brother’s boys team.

My love for theater started at my UK lower school where we were required to participate in musicals. Others treated it like a chore, but I was having the time of my life! After being in a production of Annie in 5th grade (of course), I told my mom I wanted to “do this for real.”

Now, I’m a senior Musical Theater major at Indiana University. I am an electric actor who loves to make people laugh so hard they cry and cry so hard they get that post-cry glow.

When I’m not performing, I enjoy thrifting, caring for plants, crafting, and learning to skateboard. That reminds me, I need to invest in a helmet. I am passionate about social justice, and it is at the root of everything I do. As a Black queer woman, I love to perform in shows with a fulfilling message, but I also believe comedy can be amazingly healing. I look forward to having a career that fulfills both passions. 

In 2024, I will graduate with my BFA. In the fall, I plan to move to Chicago. I’m excited to put all of my training to use and experience everything else life has to offer.

“Black joy is a form of resistance”


Photographer: Jessica Milligan


Heather McNamara

December 7-9

Indiana University




April 12-20

Indiana University

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